I’m Andrej Gostečnik.
And the story I’m going to tell you is absolutely true.

I’ll start the story with the land and a farm I inherited from my grandmother. It was an idyllic farm land located in the hills over the small town Mozirje in the vicinity of the ski resort Golte where I as a boy spent many joyful holidays. As a boy I was playing there carelessly in an unattained piece of nature and years were going by quickly. Within years I was increasingly indulged in daydreaming of who I might become as a teenager and as a man….

There was a special girl living in the neighbourhood who I liked very much. And as a young boy being in love for the first time I was wondering myself how to enchant her and how to show her my feelings about her. My grandmother used to say that every girl dreams about her Prince Charming with spark in his eyes riding a white horse and trying to create unforgettable romantic moments with her. Even I believed I would experience such pleasant moments with my girl.

I still remember one day when I had come back from a scented spruce forest and the birds were singing, I put down a basket full of mushrooms and medicinal herbs into the shadow under our magnificent old lime tree.

I was overwhelmed by a joyful thought of picking meadow flowers and making a nice bouquet. Colourful flowers for my beloved one.

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